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Christiansburg New Wastewater System

Project Data
Client: Village of Christiansburg, Ohio
Completion Date: 2015
Cost: $4,850,000
$    500,000 OPWC Grant
$    500,000 CDBG Grant
$    250,000 OWDA Grant
$ 1,800,000 EPA Grant
$ 1,800,000 EPA Loan
Contact Information:
Village of Christiansburg
P.O. Box 115
Christiansburg, OH 45389

The new wastewater facility in the Village of Christiansburg included the construction of a series of treatment tanks, UV disinfection, outlet discharge sewer, storage building, and site improvements.

The low-pressure force main sanitary sewer collection system consists of 2” through 4” piping and accessories.  An on-lot sanitary sewer service connection contains a holding tank, pump, control panel, discharge force main and various other elements.

Our involvement included assisting the Village in obtaining funding, design, permits, bidding, construction administration, and other related tasks.