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Prairie Creek Water Train

Project Data
Client:  Mercer County Commissioners, Grand Lake Restoration Commission
Services: Design Concept, Finalize Design Documents and Coordinate Construction
Construction Cost: $1,800,000
Completion Date: 2014

Access Engineering Solutions was an integral part of a project team developing the Prairie Creek Treatment Train (PCTT) on Grand Lake St. Marys.  KCI Associates, a design firm with wetland expertise, led the project.  We worked with KCI, Mercer County, and the Grand Lake Restoration Commission to develop design concept, final design documents, and coordinate construction for this assignment.

The PCTT project consisted of many phases of construction, which included a pumping station on Prairie Creek, a constructed wetland, a restored wetland and a littoral wetland.  These components work collectively to cleanse a portion of the water from Prairie Creek before it enters Grand Lake St. Marys.

The project was completed in 2014 and is in operation now.