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Richwood Trail Project

Project Data
Client: Village of Richwood
Completion Date: 2017
Cost: $2,000,000
  $ 1,500,000  Clean Ohio Grant
  $    250,000  Capital Funds Grant
  $    130,000   RTP Grant
  $      80,000   ODNR Grant
  $      40,000   Local Funding
Contact Information:
Village of Richwood
153 N. Franklin Street
Richwood, OH 43344

The Village of Richwood hired Access Engineering Solutions to create a funding plan and design for their deteriorating lake. Located near the school and senior center, it is a hub of activity in the village.

The project involved purchasing 8 acres of land to create a 1.5 mile paved nature path around the lake. It supports repair of the eroding shoreline of Lake Baccarat. Two trail spurs connect the civic center, senior center, and school with the main trail.

This trail is a vital part of Richwood’s infrastructure. It has become a model for the further development of trails and greenways for the rest of the region.