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Bradford Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Project Data
Client: Village of Bradford
Completion Date: 2013
Cost: $3,160,000
$   500,000 CDBG Grant
$   400,000 OPWC Grant
$2,260,000 EPA Loan
Contact Information:
Village of Bradford
115 North Miami Ave.
Bradford, OH 45308

The Village of Bradford hired our group to design an expansion to their existing wastewater treatment plant. The project included an influent screen and channel, an oxidation ditch, two new clarifier tanks and mechanisms, a new UV system, a new return—activated sludge/waste-activated sludge pump station and wet well. Piping associated with the aforementioned modification was also added. A new administration building was included with a laboratory, driveway, new electrical service controls for the plant and to all equipment, HVAC and plumbing.
Our staff obtained funding, and permits along with bidding and construction administration.