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Ft. Loramie Water Line Replacement

Project Data
Client: Village of Ft. Loramie
Completion Date: 2015
Cost: $1,100,000
$  375,000 OPWC Grant
$  725,000 Local Funds
Contact Information:
Village of Ft. Loramie
14 Elm Street
Ft. Loramie, OH  45845

The Village of Ft. Loramie selected our team to design and replace over 3800 LF of water lines.  On Elm Street, the 12” water line replaced the old 4” and 6” transite water line. This adds another step towards the Village’s goal of having a 12″ water line loop around the Village. It serves the industrial area on the east end of Elm St. along with Fort Loramie Elementary School, St Michael’s Church, Commercial, and Residential districts.

On West Main Street, the 6″ transite water line was replaced with an 8″ water line. It serves both commercial and residential districts on West Main.

Water Street reconstruction included replacing the old 4″ transite water line with a 8″ water line, new curbs gutters and sidewalks, and a new 12″ storm sewer.