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Cairo Water System/Water Line Replacement

Project Data
Client: Village of Cairo
Completion Date: 2014
Cost: $3,100,000
$   205,000 OPWC Grant
$   510,000 CDBG Grant
$   700,000 USDA Grant
$1,600,000 USDA Loan
$     85,000 Local Funding
Contact Information:
Village of Cairo
519 Wall Street
Cairo, Ohio 45820

Contracted by the Village of Cairo, the team from Access Engineering Solutions completed a water study and design for the municipal water system. We investigated providing a public water system to the Village by examining several distribution and treatment alternatives.   The findings were submitted to the Ohio EPA and USDA and approved as a general plan. After completing the study, the best choice was to connect to the City of Lima’s water system.

Access Engineering Solutions worked with the Village to set up and obtain the needed water agreements with the City of Lima, Allen Water District, and Allen County.

The distribution system installation included 15,000 LF of 16″ waterline, 13,000 LF of 8″ waterline and 280 individual service tap-ins.